Ethics vs. Etiquette

In any workplace, it is very significant that a code of ethics must be followed. Policies must be imposed, and every worker must be accountable for his or her decisions and actions. There are a lot of reasons why workplace ethics is important. So that you will understand further as an employee or even an employer working with different kinds of people, you can read through these five reasons why you should follow a code of ethics.

First of all, it is used to protect every basic right of a person for work. When business ethics is not followed, even very young children will be forced to work, those with a disability will not have an equal chance like those who are able to do work normally and even people from the different race will not be able to work on other countries. When there is a code of conduct or morals followed, every right will be respected and given to every person.

Secondly, it is used to protect the assets or properties of your business. When you are not able to practice it in your workplace, workers will do
anything they like. You will notice that your products are lacking because workers stole from it. If for instance, you caught someone stealing from your cheetah stun guns, punishment must be given accordingly based on your rules at work. The code of ethics basically shapes the moral of every person.

The third reason why business etiquette is important is due to the fact that it will promote discipline and emotional security among workers. You will be confident working in a place where you know that you will be respected and due credits and punishments are given based on the actions and decisions that you made. It promotes discipline since you have to follow a set of rules and it dictates your methods of how you deal with work.

Moreover, it fosters teamwork and cooperation. The code of ethics in the workplace is made with a specific and common goal and vision of the employee and the employer. When there is mutual knowledge on what needs to be done in the working area, it will promote teamwork since you are all directed to one goal. It will also awaken the motivation and determination of every worker to do their best in achieving the same goal as their superiors.

Lastly, it increases your reputation and builds a strong working relationship with the public. This is true especially if your business settles on providing services to customers. When someone tried to inquire about your services and was able to get good feedback, it will be a plus factor on your business. If for instance, you offer discount stun guns with free delivery, you must be able to do it as promised in order to gain the trust of the general public.

These are the common reasons why workplace ethics is important. It fosters and respects the rights of workers, protects your properties, promotes discipline, teamwork and builds trust. These are basically all you need in order to progress as a business and as a worker as well.



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Why is it important?

Etiquette is important in many relationships, and business relationships are not an exception. But first, what exactly is etiquette? Simply put, it is a code of conduct that places the needs of others above your own. It is polite behaviour that exudes respect for other people. Simple things such as saying thank you and excuse me count as etiquette. Etiquette also encompasses dressing properly and being neat. Even learning how to shake hands correctly also counts as business etiquette. But why is business etiquette important in the workplace?

Why Business Etiquette is Important in the Workplace

1. It Fosters Cohesion
Just as social etiquette is the fabric that binds society together, so does business etiquette ensure there is harmony in the workplace. Think about it: how easy would it really be to relate to your workmates if you used impolite and offensive language? How many conflicts would arise out of the various rude acts? How would this affect the productivity of everyone in the workplace? Ultimately, how would this affect the growth of your business? Negatively, of course.

Regarding your workmates with respect does not cost much, yet failure to treat them well has a negative spiraling effect. It is important to practice business etiquette at the office if only to ensure that there is harmony and cohesion in the workplace.

2. Gets You New Business
First impressions matter, and more so in the business world. It doesn’t matter how smoothly you can sell your ideas to customers- as long as you appear sloppy or lack courtesy, most of them won’t even let you see the light of day. An unkempt appearance will make most people regard you with some doubt. If you are also impolite, it makes the situation worse. Your lack of etiquette will also impact your business negatively, since most people will be inclined to regard the business with some contempt. This will eventually cost you business.

Dress sharply and talk respectfully to customers, and they in turn will be more likely to carry out business with you. Even when it comes to written communication, such as letters and emails, make sure that you are courteous and respectful at all times. Refrain from using emojis and short forms. Instead, use proper grammar and punctuation. This will certainly win you new business without much struggle.

3. Career Growth
Whether you have you own business like Selfie Mirror SGF or you work in a large corporate office you want to be the best. If you want prospective clients and those at the top to notice you, practicing proper business etiquette is a good place to start. That way, you will stand out from the crowd for all the good reasons. Your etiquette will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on your seniors, and this may stand you in good stead when promotions are due.

Business etiquette is not any different from social etiquette. They serve the very same purpose- guiding human interactions. By following the rules of etiquette, you help create a peaceful work environment where everyone feels accepted. Etiquette also impresses new customers, and this in turn leads to business growth.

Be sure to follow the simple rules of etiquette in order to boost your business and your personal career growth.

Basics of Business Etiquette

It is very important to stick to proper manners for achieving success in any profession. Proper etiquette can help you to get a promotion, acquire a lucrative job, and also establish excellent relationships with other people. In this article, we will throw some light on the basics of business etiquette.

1. Always be on time
Arriving late at any conference or appointment will lead to a significant wastage of time for the individuals with whom you are about to meet. This can make them feel resentful toward you and you can never expect any kind of respect from them in future. Being on time will show them that you are a responsible individual who is dedicated to his job and also interested in his work.

2. Dress up properly
It can be a major distraction in case you dress up in an inappropriate manner. This will make the others believe that you lack the ability of making proper decisions which will also be reflected in your work later on. While some organizations expect you to dress up in a formal way, there are others that allow you to dress up casually as well. It is up to you to find out what is going to be accepted by your company and try to stick to their norms.

3. Listen more than you talk
While conversing with other individuals, some people like to simply listen to what others are talking while the rest like to interrupt frequently by expressing their own opinions. The latter category of people will not be able to create a good impression on others about them given that proper listening skills will allow others to know that you are interested as well as engaged. It is not difficult to be a listener during any conversation, and you simply need to stare at the speaker in the eye while he or she is speaking. Never try to rush the discussion or even change the topic.

4. Make use of simple mannerisms
It is important to discriminate between simple manners and those which are not. By asking the permission of other individuals, offering unsolicited assistance, and so on are all examples of good mannerisms that will help you to win the hearts of other people in your workplace. Your mannerisms should be perfect whether you are speaking or sending an email. For example, the conveying thanks to your colleague for his help during a particular project will be enough to win his appreciation and you can expect further help from him in future.

5. Stay away from mobile phone distractions
Although smartphones have become an imperative part of our daily life at present, at times it can prove to be distracting instead of being productive. Consequently, it will be prudent to turn off your phone during any meeting or conference. In case it is not possible to switch it off, try to at least put it in the vibration mode. Unwanted mobile phone calls will not only disrupt the flow of the meeting, but will also draw undesirable attention to you from others. In case your phone rings while you are talking to others, try to silence it immediately without attending the phone call. This will prove that you are really focused on the discussion and it is more important to you than anything else.


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Different Types of Business Etiquette

Professional life is different from personal life because you need to follow a set of rules and manners that are socially acceptable as it help you gain appreciation and acknowledgment for your professionalism. These set of rules and manners are known as business etiquette that you need to follow so that you can present yourself in the business setting. Moreover these business etiquettes are considered to be respectful in business world and it follows the social standards and set of manners that you need for dealing with your superiors, employers, service providers, clients and coworkers. But for this you need to know Are there different types of business etiquette? What are they?

Business etiquettes are the set of rules that helps in governing the way in which people interact with each other in business including their suppliers, clients and customers. This helps in conveying the right kind of behavior and image so that you can behave in an appropriate and socially acceptable manner when you are dealing with your business associates. Business etiquette is the behavior and mannerism that you need to follow for showing respect to your coworkers so that you can build a good rapport with people you are working with as it is very beneficial for your career progress and development. It is a way of conducting business so that you never cheat your customers, clients or partners as it is considered to be unethical way of doing business. Another type of business etiquette is social etiquette which is important for helping individuals know the way of behaving in the society for a better living. Meeting etiquette also need to be followed by every professional and it involves paying attention to the meeting while it is in progress and interrupting the meeting is a strict no-no unless asked to do so. Hence while attending the meeting, presentation or seminar, it is important to listen to what the speakers are trying to convey as it helps in making the meeting more meaningful. You should also have pen and paper for writing down important points that have been spoken in the meeting for your future reference.

Another important type of business etiquette is telephone etiquette that you need to follow while interacting with any person over phone and also while receiving calls when in front of someone. Greeting the person is very important as it reflects your professionalism and hence you need to take care of your tone and pitch while talking to someone over phone. Following these etiquettes are very important as it show respect to the other person and helps you succeed in the business environment. You should always remember to follow these etiquettes so that you do not offend anyone in your workplace as it helps you become respectful and soft spoken while communicating with anyone. Handshake etiquette also need to followed when you meet someone as you need to greet the other person with a happy and joyful face as it will have a positive impression about you.



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Business Etiquette

Any profession requires a certain level of professionalism among both employees and clients. This is to ensure that peace is maintained within the office. In turn, this ensures cooperation and hard work in the office. A peaceful environment gives peace of mind and motivates the members to work even harder. This is why it is important to ensure that members follow the business etiquette to the latter. Those who break them should face substantial consequences.

What is Business Etiquette?

Business etiquette can be simply described as a batch of demeanors that is required in a professional ground. It can also be described as set manners in which employees or members of a certain organization are expected to conduct themselves in. These rules apply to every single member of the organization and are upheld by the same.

Here are a few common basics of business etiquette in many organizations:

Be time conscious
In the business or professional world, time is the most important aspect that should be kept. Develop a personal habit of arriving a couple of minutes before the specified time. Once you get to the office, settle in and let your mind relax for a bit. Let your thoughts settle so that you can have the necessary mindset for the day.

Being on time also gives one a feeling of confidence. Once you get to a meeting late, there is a high probability that you will be disoriented both mentally and physically.

Appropriate dress code
Another paramount business etiquette that should be observed is proper dressing. One is expected to dress professionally in a manner that can attract other people. Keep in mind that the first impression that one gets of you is very crucial.

When one is employed or works under a certain organization, they become an ambassador of the brand or company they work with. Shaggy dressing can easily lead to misjudgment of the employee. Bad dress codes can really pain a bad picture of the brand.
Whereas the dressing code depends on a number of factors such as weather, field, occasion, it is really important to keep if professional.

Good communication skills
In every single field out there, may it be professional or leisure, good communication skills are cardinal. It is good to mind one’s language and whatever you speak.

Gaining good communication skills is easier than you think. All you need to do is always think before you speak. Think about the impact of what you say on other people and the kind of consequences that may be faced. Filtering what we speak ensures that we maintain the right attitude and professional standards with other members of the organization.

Good communication skills can also be practiced by learning to show interest when people are talking to you and avoid interruptions.

Circumvent tattle/gossip
In a professional arena, tattle and eavesdropping have no place. It is utterly rude to walk in on a conversation and staying silent so you hear whatever is being talked about. This behavior is considered childish and disrespectful.
When one walks in on a private conversation, it is good to make your arrival known. This can be done by saying hi to the people you walk in on.

In summary, when in a professional environment, one is supposed to act and be professional. Remember that simple things matter and can affect your profession. Don’t let yourself get judged.

Be the best version of yourself.


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